Literacy and Gender Equality in Education Quiz

How much do you know about the state of children’s education globally? Test your knowledge by taking the quiz below. Mark each of the following statements as either true or false.

Question #1

Globally, 750 million people are illiterate, and two-thirds are women and girls. 

Question #2

One in four children cannot read a single word or sentence.

Question #3

In low-income countries, only 66 female students complete upper secondary education for every 100 male students.

Question #4

At their most extreme, COVID-19 school closures disrupted the education of 1.6 billion students worldwide. 

Question #5

Because of the pandemic, 24 million young people are at risk of dropping out of school permanently.

Question #6

Over our 20-year history, Room to Read has benefited more than 23.8 million children, including 4.9 million children in 2020 alone.